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It is readable and full of easy to employ tips and suggestions to make life better. She even offers a nice long list of linkable resources at the end. I love that you can start as full on or as slow as you would like to.

Bomb Grade A Charlie Muffin Thriller Book Eleven

She offers a lot of information but it never felt overwhelming. In spite of severe childhood trauma, Eleanor unconsciously creates an elaborate system of coping and protection. It is one of the most remarkable things I have ever seen, the power of the mind and spirit and it contributes to the jaw dropping impact of this story. Yes, she is depressed and disassociated however these are symptoms born of the events of her life as well as by-products of the protective nature of her psyche. Her level of functioning is inarguably high and the boundaries she employs to survive the world alone are the constructs of an intelligent mind.

However, not all of her mechanisms are constructive. In fact, few of them are but the reader will not be able to feel anything other than compassion once her story is revealed. The first ingredient are people who care and whom she can trust. As her inner circle forms, Eleanor balks at first. Trust does not come easy to her and she has been managing quite nicely on her own all these years. She has a tendency to live in a fantasy world and when that ultimately fails to satisfy, vodka does the trick.