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Clovis age and Archaic age wells were found here, indicating climate fluctuations and variable water table in one of the most stable spring-fed lakes of the past, providing a much needed water source in times of drought. Important Issues : Important Issues During the early excavation of the site, it was done by armature archaeologists and as a result there are significant gaps in the sites records One of the main issues for the Blackwater Draw Site and museum is the seasonal spikes in its out reach program.

During the winter months the site is closed, and the museum experiences a low number of supporters and visitors. The studies will provide much-needed information about campsites and other types of activities that occurred in this early time period. In addition, research of the upper levels may yet define more recent cultures and the sequence of events that occurred in the past.

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The site also hosts the annual Atlatl Competition and Prehistory day to enhance education and volunteer opportunities. Conclusion : Conclusion The culture, climate and resources available characterized the life of the Paleo-Indian during each generation. The Blackwater Draw site, Locality 1 in Portales, New Mexico holds prehistoric evidence of the Clovis culture, which is the oldest positively, defined culture group in North America.

Many of the Paleo-Indian artifacts at the site provide insight to the lifestyle and culture of the Paleo-Indians.

Clovis Revisited: New Perspectives on Paleoindian Adaptations from Blackwater Draw, New Mexico

The stratigraphic records providing records far beyond the Clovis age people, solidifying how the climate and resources available impacted the culture and characterized the life of the Paleo-Indian. Conclusion : Conclusion There are still significant artifacts at the Blackwater Draw site that have yet to be excavated. The Archaeology Department of Eastern New Mexico University continually excavates the Blackwater Draw site along with the occasional assistance from other Institutions. References : References A. Saunders, November A mammoth-ivory burnisher-billet from the clovis level, blackwater locality no.

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Added: March 01, Posting comment Premium member. Presentation Transcript. Yet they play a vital role to the survival of the Clovis people as well as being one of the major factors in the extinctions of Megafauna from the American Continents.

Clovis Revisited | Anthony T. Boldurian, John L. Cotter

Examples of Clovis Blades have been found in numerous sites throughout the American Continents and are popular pieces in Natural History Museums, including The British Museum, in London, England, where the pictured specimen is located, in Room 26 in the North American exhibit, to be exact. The Clovis peopl developed the technique to make these spear heads when they were settling the American continents and hunting the Megafauna that roamed the American plains.

Archeological evidence suggests that the Clovis people of the modern day southwestern United States traveled in small, nomadic bands, tracking the large animals that they used for food. These pastoral bands were small, centralized, family based units as the lifestyle provided no stable food source and could not support large groups of people. Because of the nomadic existence the Clovis people led, no real social hierarchy developed, there was no such thing as a parasitic occupation bureaucrat, warrior, politician, etc. The spear points were a crucial piece of Clovis life. Everything from food to clothing depended on the ability to fell a large animal.

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It was the foundation for the Clovis existence and therefore a vital tool for the Clovis people [Huckell , 96]. This particular artifact is noteworthy in the tale of global historical because it is an example of how the first settlers of the American Continents adapted to their environment and drastically changed the ecology of the land. Before the Clovis people, animals dominated the American landscape.

However, upon their arrival, these Paleo-Indian people arrived on the scene and positioned themselves on the top of the food chain, driving many species of Megafauna into extinction [Haynes , ]. Because of the adjustments the Clovis were able to make, namely being their lithic blades, the stage was set for Homo sapiens to thrive on the new continents in the same way that stone hand axes did on the Eurasian Continent thousands of years before.

Boldurian, Anthony T. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Museum, Collins,Michael B.. Clovis Blade Technology.

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