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A unicycle has one wheel and a bicycle has two wheels. How many wheels does a tricycle have? How many wheels would a hexa-cycle have?

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Its even more fun when your projects turn out well. Use the tips on these pages to help. Use origami paper or lightweight card stock. If the paper is too thin, the exagon may tear or wrinkle. If the paper is too thick, it will be difcult to fold and crease. For glue, use at-drying paste. It wont warp the paper. Scrapbooking glues, such as Yes!

Paste, work well. Dont use too much, though. A little glue goes a long way. If you struggle with a project, take a break and come back to it later. Its easier to solve problems when you arent frustrated. If you use a template, make the folds exactly on the lines. The more accurate the folds, the easier it will be to ex it. After making a fold, run a ngernail rmly along it. Thats called creasing. It makes sure the fold is set.

Wooden craft sticks work well too.

Fold it in half and open it like a book. Hidden faces are revealed!


Crease it and then unfold it. Fold it in half the other direction. Rotate the paper a quarter turn to the right. The paper should be divided into 16 squares. Draw along the creases with a pencil. Start in the top left square and go clockwise.

Cool Flexagon Art

Write one letter in each square. Color the squares that have the same letter the same color. Flip the paper over from left to right.

Start at the top left square and go clockwise. Use different colors than you used on the other side. Pull the visible D square up. Underneath will be another D square. Pinch the D squares together.

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Pull the D squares through the center opening of the paper. Twist them under the E square. The middle fold should point upward. Open the paper like a book. Rotate the square a quarter turn. Repeat fold. Repeat to nd every face of the exagon. It has a total of six faces.

Four faces are hidden. You can write secret messages or draw maps on them. Only your friends will know how to nd your messages! Cut out the row of triangles. Fold and crease the strip along each line. Lay the strip at with the long edge on the bottom.

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Label one letter per triangle. Color the triangles that have the same letter the same color. Keep the long edge on the bottom. Fold the left two triangles under and down. The B triangle should be behind the C triangle next to it. Then fold the A triangle under and down. It should be behind the B triangle next to it. Keep folding until you get to the end of the strip. Now you should have a shorter, folded strip. Lay it down with an A triangle on the left. A C triangle should be on the right.

Fold the left half underneath the right half. You should now see four A triangles. Fold the two triangles on the right down so they are on top.

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You should now see ve A triangles. Fold the bottom two triangles up and underneath. Glue the two blank triangles together.


Pinch two of the triangles together so that one point of every triangle is pointing up. Fold one of the sides back to reveal a new face. Continue to pinch and unfold to see all the different faces of the exagon. Now lets look at 3-D solids! A polyhedron is a 3-D version of a polygon. A polyhedron has at faces and straight edges.