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Talk about some serious YUM! Talk about some serious YUM! It was meant to be just a little drunken fun; sneak past security, see what they were hiding, have a story to take back to the girls, but it turned out to be so much more. That was the night where everything changed. The night I met Sebastian. Gorgeous, commanding and radiating charm, he was exactly the sort of silver-tongued player I'd sworn to avoid, but something about him called to me.

He was mysterious, and not in that stereotypical dark and brooding way girls usually swoon over. I'm talking hidden parties and classified documents. Just who is Sebastian Lock? And so the dance begins between the stylish, gorgeous billionaire Sebastian Lock and his heroine Sophia Pearce. Giving this 3. Get ready for the usual "girl meets rich, mysterious guy with BDSM preferences" storyline but this one is totally different from the rest because it takes place in Australia.

The Alpha Group Trilogy: Locked (the Alpha Group Trilogy #1) by Maya Cross (2013, Paperback)

Ok, ok I am being silly For starters, I am thrilled to bits that the heroine isn't a virgin and the guy is out of puberty. Now, who is Sebastian Lock?? I would love it if he turned out to be Giving this 3. I would love it if he turned out to be a "James Bond" type of character. How cool would that be? Although, I doubt James Bond would have time to use bondage on his lady friends because, lets face it, the guy is always in a hurry and, as his fuck buddy, last thing I would want is to be left tied to a bed somewhere because he had to run off to save the world from some ugly Russian villain by the way, why do they always make Russian villains so ugly in those movies?

I may start to take offence eventually! Anyways, I am getting slightly off topic here So, who IS Sebastian Lock? We know he tries to be funny He sets up a meeting with Sophia under a name Mr Keys. I mean, really?? That actually WAS pretty funny, partially due to the fact that it took her till she saw him to figure out it was him.

How dense can you be? We know he has an accent he better not be one of those Russian villains I was talking about earlier who isn't ugly because that would make him a bad guy. But seriously, I am intrigued now. What does he do for a living because you KNOW, venture capitalist he isn't. Is he a spy? A CIA agent? MI6 or Australian equivalent?

Russian Alpha group training

I want to know now!!! And I also want to know why, if he is any of those things, his agency would host those type of parties? Now onto Sophia I need to know why I can't quite connect with her. Has someone missed a memo about no strings? I think so, Sophia. I hope you are at least book smart I am looking forward to the next instalment because I need some questions answered immediately! Like what was in that file on his desk and what was Chase Adams doing at that party, for example. Not to mention who was missing Sebastian bad enough to send him a nude photo of themselves.

I know he totally sounds like a guy who would be missed by many but still. And last but not least, will he learn to password protect his phone in the future? Was I the only one who got an urge to do a Dynasty marathon over the weekend after looking the cover? Apr 02, Aestas Book Blog marked it as to-read Shelves: top-tbr , soon. I loved it. I loved Sophia. Just damn good.

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Ordinarily, I'm not someone who is prone to random acts of mischief. By day I'm as straight as they come. But get a few glasses of red into me, and suddenly that little devil on my shoulder starts sounding a whole lot more reasonable. Sophia is a hard working lawyer, that's a good girl until a little wine gives her some courage to embark on the unknown. She finds herself locked in the sights of Sebastian. Sebastian is everything a woman would ever want.

Strong, successful, rich and gorgeous. He is pulled towards Sophia and must have her. Sophia plays hard to get but not hard enough for Sebastian. She knows she should stay far away from him but why should she. I was begging for Sebastian. This man is walking SEX!!! As Sophia let's herself open up to Sebastian and his dominating yet soothing sexual desires, their chemistry burst into hot, passionate desire.