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Learning outcome To give the students a general background to thermodynamics and statistical physics. Admission Students who are admitted to study programmes at UiO must each semester register which courses and exams they wish to sign up for in Studentweb. Teaching The course is given in the spring term and contains up to 6 hours of teaching 4 h of lectures and 2 h of exercises per week. Examination Compulsory exercises.

Explanations and appeals Explanation of grades and appeals Resit an examination This course offers both postponed and resit of examination. Evaluation The course is subject to continuous evaluation.

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Facts about this course Credits 10 Level Master Teaching Every spring If the course is offered, a minimum of four students is required for ordinary lectures to take place. Examination Every spring Teaching language Norwegian English on request. Contact Department of Physics. Knutepunktet Speak up Registrations, deadlines and student card Special needs and leave of absence Leave of absence and reduced progress Start of studies. Examinations Submissions. Admission Why choose UiO?

Contact us Contact UiO. Scope Statistical mechanics and thermodynamics form an essential link between the properties of molecules and the behaviour of macroscopic matter. Get Involved We are always looking for new members who are keen to get involved and to help organise our activities.

PHYS4031 Statistical Mechanics

If you would like to find out more please contact the Secretary. We then complement that with a discussion of correlations decay. Download Chapter 9 [version: July 22 ]. Reflection positivity is another tool that plays a central role in the rigorous study of phase transitions. We first expose it in detail, proving its two central estimates: the infrared bound and the chessboard estimate.

We then apply the latter to obtain several results of importance.

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Combined with the results of Chapter 9, this provides a detailed description of this type of systems in the thermodynamic limit. Download Chapter 10 [version: July 22 ]. In this appendix, we introduce various mathematical topics used throughout the book, which might not be part of all undergraduate curricula.

For example: elementary properties of convex functions, some aspects of complex analysis, measure theory, conditional expectation, random walks, etc.

b. What is statistical mechanics?

Download Appendix B [version: July 22 ]. Hints or detailed solutions for most of the exercises of the book can be found in this appendix. Download Appendix C [version: July 22 ]. Rigorous Statistical Mechanics has a long tradition, starting in the s with Dobrushin, Lanford, Ruelle, Sinai and many other mathematical physicists.

Yet, surprisingly, there has not been an up-to-date textbook on an introductory level.

12. Classical Statistical Mechanics Part 1

This gap is bridged masterly by the present book. It addresses the curious newcomer by employing a carefully designed structure, which starts from a physics introduction and then uses the two-dimensional Ising model as a stepping-stone towards the richness of the subject.

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The book will be enjoyed by students and researchers with an interest in either theoretical condensed matter physics or probability theory. An excellent introduction to classical equilibrium statistical mechanics. There is clear concern with the understanding of ideas and concepts behind the various tools and models.

Topics are presented through examples, making this book a genuine 'concrete mathematical introduction'. While reading it, my first wish was to use it as soon as possible in a course. It is a 'must' for the libraries of graduate programs in mathematics or mathematical physics. This book is a marvelous introduction to equilibrium statistical mechanics for mathematically inclined readers, which does not sacrifice clarity in the pursuit of mathematical rigor. The book starts with basic definitions and a crash course in thermodynamics, and gets to sophisticated topics such as cluster expansions, the Pirogov-Sinai theory and infinite volume Gibbs measures through the discussion of concrete models.

This book should be on the bookshelf of any serious student, researcher and teacher of mathematical statistical mechanics. Ofer Zeitouni, Weizmann Institute, Israel. Sacha Friedli and Yvan Velenik have succeeded in writing a unique, modern treatise on equilibrium statistical mechanics.

They cover many fundamental concepts, techniques and examples in a didactic manner, providing a remarkable source of knowledge, grounded and refined by years of experience.