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Trans-national and Virtual Activities (TAs and VAs) · Networking 2nd Announcement: A Centenary of Astrophysical Jets: Observation, Theory & Future Prospects and small scale jet; Large scale radio jets (observation & theory) to Manchester on Monday 22nd July, or even the morning of Tuesday.

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How to use the computer to read the measurement data of the SD card in the handheld spectrometer? What does the abbreviation mean which is used on UPRtek spectrometer? Do I need to do dark calibration every time I turn on my spectrometer? And what is dark calibration?

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Such as: fluorescent lamps fluorescent lamps? How long can I use UPRtek handheld spectrometer after battery had fully charged? How to download the uSpectrum PC Software? How to download the uFlicker PC Software? Is my handheld spectrometer compatible with uSpectrum PC software? Is my handheld spectrometer compatible with uFlicker PC software? How to check saved data at uSpectrum PC software? How to make the test report by uSpectrum PC software? How to put my company logo on uSpectrum test report?

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The fundamental problem in using normal illuminance or luminance meters to measure plant illumination is the undervaluation of blue nm and red nm light in the visible spectrum. In these area humans have only a reduced sensitivity, but especially plants use blue and red light intensively for photosynthesis. The above-mentioned photometric measurements are therefore not suitable for the assessment of plant lighting.

The photosynthetic active radiation PAR is the proportion of electromagnetic radiation from nm to nm of the visible light spectrum, which drive photosynthesis.

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The amount and the spectral composition of the PAR light are essential parameters for the assessment of horticulture lighting systems. It makes limited sense to have only an integral value for PAR over the entire range of the spectrum because the effect on plants is spectrally dependent. This value is usually measured in the light laboratory with an integrating sphere and a special measuring device.

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It does not say how much of the measured light actually lands on the plant, but is an important measure of how to calculate the efficiency of a lighting system to produce PAR. It represents the number of photosynthetically active photons falling on a given surface every second. In the case of an illuminated planting area, it is not sufficient to measure at only one point, as there is usually no uniform illumination. Often the light intensity in the middle of the lighting system is strongest and decreases towards the edge of the crop surface.

It is therefore advisable to define a measuring grid over the cultivated area, to carry out several measurements and to document the horizontal and vertical coordinates together with the measurement result.